Markers That Write On Black Paper

The thing that sets the leafing pens apart is the beautiful sheen …

these dots actually have the appearance of tiny, shiny pennies that react to the light.

” The second reason is the fact that it’s difficult for a printer to mass-produce.

By and large, printers can only print colored inks, which means printing white on black paper hardly ever happens .

Next thing you know, people will be lining up at your door begging for your secret to such beautiful art pieces …

to which you can simply respond: “Black magic.” If you’ve been following TPK on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I’ve been drawing on black paper for the past two weeks working on my chalk-style illustration booklet/kit for Quarto Publishing.Moving on, the two projects I just wrote about use techniques/tools that don’t require knowledge of a calligraphy/dip pen.The next materials I am covering do require such knowledge — but, really, if you don’t know how to use a calligraphy pen, it’s quite simple, and I do heartily encourage you to learn!The other quirk is this ink has a tendency to get a little too thick at times.That’s really no problem, just add water, twist the lid on, and shake it up!It is important that you do this before you add the white ink; if you wait and do it afterward, the design won’t look as clean because color from the colored pencils will inevitably color over/tint some of your white ink.Once you’ve added color to your paper, prepare your gel pen for use by getting its ink flowing on a piece of scrap paper.My go-to choice for writing on black paper is Winsor & Newton white ink. To take care of that problem, you can leave the ink out for a couple of hours with the lid off so some of the liquid can evaporate out.Your white ink should have a consistency that’s halfway between fat-free yogurt and cream.The kit will be available on Amazon and in various brick-and-mortar stores late summer of this year, but I couldn’t wait that long to write a blog post over this — actually, very fun — activity. I think it’s appealing for a couple of reasons, the first of which being it’s hard to do if you don’t have the tools .Creating artwork on black paper is impressive because it says: “Look at this cool pen/thing I have, and the stuff I can do with it!


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