Love Vs Hate Essay

Love Vs Hate Essay-90
The territory promises an opulent future with ever rising export earnings with a chance for the country to earn the highest GDP in the world.

We start learning to hate from our early childhood. John Lennon urged us to imagine the world living peacefully and as one.

We learn to hate that street-kid wearing filthy tattered clothes. Today we harmonize to his songs and put on his signature shades as one while we even forget to leave each other in peace. Neil Armstrong thought that his steps onto the moon were “(a) small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind”.

Sitting in the 21st century, we fortunately see infrequent incidents like these.

The more threatening talking-point of the current tide is the influx of terrorism generated from conflict of interest and intolerance.

Yet, it is the degree of this urge that can be controlled to prevent acts of aggression and violence and create a tranquil world.

We should develop an attitude of sharing rather than snatching, of caring rather than dominating, and of living in harmony rather than inducing a fight.This urge to dominate has led us to establish a food chain within our own species where the affluent and the powerful feed on the feeble to survive.I congratulate the Homo sapiens for attaining the title of the most loathsome species on earth!Is it not fascinating that the answer seems so obvious? Fingers tense on the triggers of rifles as unpinned grenades bloom a vortex of explosions.Borders are breached, men of opposing forces shot, women of vanquished territories abused, innocent children stranded to starve to death.Is it not this condescending attitude the reason why males dominate and women are subjected to acts of violence and harassment?We are so blinded by this obsession that we do not even perceive our duty of protecting our own species from our own selves.Both parties warily retreat, ending up nibbling in the grass from different directions, not getting in each other's ways.Now let us imagine the same situation by replacing the gazelles with two countries that are neighbouring, the pasture with a territory enriched with deposits of oil and natural gas falling in the boundary of the two countries, and the time being a time when the fossil fuels are running out fast, a time such as now.Is it not the reason why interstate conflicts over resources persist while they could be easily resolved through equitable sharing?Isn't obsession over superiority the reason why people misinterpret their own religion's messages and grow a feeling of hostility and intolerance over other religions?


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