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This Review brings together a collection of research literature relating to Pacific education in New Zealand, as well as some relating to Pacific education in other locations.

In addition to education texts and journal articles from around the Pacific and New Zealand, the sources consulted for this literature review include sources from Pacific education conferences proceedings, reports by the Ministry of Education, unpublished Masters and Ph D Theses, dissertations and essays.

Analysis of success is most usefully looked at over time, considering long-term learning trajectories rather than focusing solely on initial skills and adjustments.

When examining what success looks like, different theoretical views shape what is valued, and there are also different perspectives to consider.

This Literature Review on Pasifika Education Issues was commissioned to provide valuable information about those issues for Pacific education which have been researched, and those which have not in order to address policy requirements.

It covers research since 1990 related to primary, secondary, tertiary and teacher education sectors.It includes some recommendations for further research on Pasifika education issues.Author(s): Eve Coxon, Melani Anae, Diane Mara, Tanya Wendt-Samu and Christine Finau Date Published: January 2002 The Plan is underpinned by the Government's goals for Pacific education: increased participation, retention and achievement across the early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.In doing so it recognised the complexity in the multiple factors that influence each child’s learning and transition experiences, and the diversity that exists within groups as well as between groups of children.It also acknowledged that transitions are not an event but a process.The vast majority of the studies reviewed have been undertaken over the past decade, consistent with both the enhanced profile of the education needs of Pacific communities and the sharpening of the negative impact of wider social policies on education for marginalized social groups during this time period.The term `Pacific education' includes education for Pacific peoples within the various sub-sectors - early childhood education, primary education, secondary education, teacher education, and post-secondary/tertiary education - that comprise New Zealand's formal education sector.The focus was on what successful transitions to school look like, the factors that play a role in how well children transition from ECE to school, and the ways in which children can be supported by teachers and families to transition as successfully as possible.Author(s): Sally Peters, The University of Waikato, Report for the Ministry of Education.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.The review’s purpose was to deepen understanding of transition to school by critically analysing research literature.


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