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Nevertheless in presenting an illustrative chronological overview, and highlighting some of the issues surrounding the topic, the paper endeavours to provide a stimulus for further discussion.

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War and tourism have generally been viewed by scholars as mutually incompatible.

Nevertheless armies charged with prosecuting warfare have often indulged in tourist-like activity as soldiers are given opportunities to travel and...

The play focused on the progress of the training that young Pavlo Hummel received.

In this essay, his struggle to become a “real man” among the ranks of soldiers will be juxtaposed with the historical facts and their psychology during and after the war that convey the reality of how North Vietnamese and Americans grasped each other.

Both shows opened, and also had revivals, around the same time.

In fact, in the fall of 2017, one could see both Miss Saigon and M.

Published during the war in Vietnam, the novel was one of the most successful examples of the new forms of mass culture that emerged in the context of the US military intervention in South Vietnamese cities.

In the novel, the character of the Vietnamese superspy appears as a figure for the ambivalent political situation of the Republic of Vietnam within the geopolitics of the Cold War.

This wasn’t only a conflict between ideological clashes or nations, this was a conflict within the lives of young people and naïve souls.

David Rabe was a veteran who joined this war and re-explored the conflicts in Vietnam through Pavlo Hummel, a young and “juvenile” American soldier who “got no beard, no ways to shave” (49, Rabes).


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