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This figure is even higher than the number of global deaths related to violence, Tuberculosis, and AIDS.On the other hand, Cannabis contains compounds called cannabinoids, which are not toxic to humans (Patel et al., 2017).In the same breath, the state of Oregon reported sales worth million at the end of the first week (Pyke, 2016).

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Cannabis is used by approximately 13.7% of the American population for both its recreational as well as medical benefits (Zachary, 2015).

Like many other political debates, the arguments for and against the legalization of Cannabis are oft inspired by different individualistic interests.

Doctors in some states are already prescribing Medicinal Cannabis to registered patients who only sing praises for the plant.

Even though patients react differently to Cannabis, it is a widely proven fact that most of these reactions are beneficial to the health of patients.

The same case is true for tobacco, which is associated with lung cancer and breathing difficulties.

Legalization Of Marijuana Argumentative Essay Who Killed Romeo And Juliet Essay

The health benefits of using Cannabis can be realized even when Cannabis is smoked in extremely small quantities.

Since the benefits of Cannabis use have been observed in a significant percentage of patients, it is necessary to legalize Cannabis so that patients who choose it can access the medicine easily.

The economic benefits of legalizing Cannabis will be realized both by the sellers and the state (in terms of revenue).

According to Flynn, the legal Cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States of America (Flynn, 2016).

All these statistics point to the fact that legal Cannabis would boost the economy significantly.


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