Leda And The Swan Essay

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Greek mythology has, throughout history, been the subject of much debate and interpretation.

In this essay I aim to study the poem in more depth, analysing what Yeats says and how he says it.

* Title: The title of the poem alludes to an Ancient Greek myth and also to the many representations of this myth in Western art that share this title.

* Lines 10-11: These lines contain the poem's most direct allusion to Greek history.

Yeats adopted this habit in the "cool wild swan" (1919) where the Royal Bird constantly represents the perfect ideal.

In "Leda and the Swan", Yeats rewrote Zeus and Leda in Greek myths and commented on fate and historical inevitability.

Clytemnestra then murdered her husband Agamemnon on his return from victory at Troy.

The poem begins with Yeats emphasising the brutality of Zeus' actions, describing the initial impact as a "sudden blow".

In this verse the birds are terribly destructive, have sacred power to violate Leda, causing the worst result of war and destruction depicted in the last line.

Even if Ye Zhi clearly points out that the swan is Zeus God, he also emphasized the swan flesh: strikes, black claudication, long neck and bondage.


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