Kite Runner Movie Vs Book Essay

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The two boys grow up together, freely roaming the streets of Kabul almost as brothers. He has been Amir’s kite runner, retrieving downed rival kites, and defended him from bullies. Deeply troubled by guilt, Amir devises a plan to ultimately rid himself of the source of his torments, indirectly driving Ali and Hassan out of their household.Upon the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, Amir flees to America with his father.

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Above all, it chronicles the life-long haunting consequences of one’s action or inaction, the atonement of wrong done, and the necessary journey in search of redemption.

And for the kite soaring high in the sky, it may well be a metaphor for freedom and victory, not just politically, but internally, being set free from burden, from guilt.

The third part of the book depicts Amir’s journey back to the now Taliban controlled Afghanistan to fulfill a mission that would ultimately lead to his personal redemption.

I was moved as I read the author’s poignant first-person narratives.

The original score by Alberto Iglesias (Volver, 2006, Constant Gardener, 2005) plays an essential part in the movie, imparting the intended effects where other film elements may be lacking.

His composition earns him a nod from the Golden Globes for a Best Original Score nomination.The movie attempts to present the cultural sights and sounds of Afghan life, albeit on a very small scale.My main disappointment though was to find out, as the end credits rolled, that the Afghan scenes were all shot in Xinjiang and Beijing, China. But this time, the character, Amir, has to deal with the sin of omission.Just the same, failure to act can lead to devastating consequences, and Amir, just like Briony in Ian Mc Ewan’s , has to live with his guilt throughout his life.became an international bestseller, publishing in 40 countries.Author Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, son of a diplomat.The book is neatly divided into three sections, the first narrates the childhood of the socially privileged Amir growing up in Kabul.His best friend is Hassan, the son of their servant Ali.Was I too naive to think that a movie about Afghanistan should be shot in Afghanistan?As I was watching the movie I felt something was missing, but couldn’t pinpoint what.


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