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It builds skills such as creativity, negotiation and decision making, as well as communication and time management.

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The ideal scenario is for teams to arrive at a consensus decision where everyone's opinion is heard.

However, that doesn't always happen naturally: assertive people tend to get the most attention.

Use the following exercises to help your team members solve problems and make decisions together more effectively.

In this activity, participants must pretend that they've been shipwrecked and are stranded in a life boat.

And by refining their decision-making skills, you can help them work together maturely, use different thinking styles, and commit collectively to decisions.

In this article, we'll look at three team building exercises that you can use to improve problem solving and decision making in a new or established team.

This can happen when a group places a desire for mutual harmony above a desire to reach the right decision, which prevents people from fully exploring alternative solutions.

If there are frequent unanimous decisions in any of your exercises, groupthink may be an issue.

For example, ask them what the main differences between individual, team and official rankings were, and why.

This will provoke discussion about how teams arrive at decisions, which will make people think about the skills they must use in future team scenarios, such as listening.


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