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To review, Shakespeare's Julius Caesar has many multifaceted themes for your students to explore.Some of those themes include friendship, loyalty, power and ambition.

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A second type of essay is a persuasive essay, which aims to convince the reader to do an action or think in a specific way.

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It isa wonder how Shakespeare can take an issue and approach fromdifferent perspectives and each time the same issue ispresented in new light, and charged with new emotions.

There are two basic ways in which Shakespeare relatesto the idea of immortality.Here are a few examples of essay topics for Julius Caesar asking for an expository response.Each of these topics asks for descriptions or explanation on different aspects of the play.A second type of writing your students can complete is a persuasive essay, which aims to convince the reader to do a specific action or think a certain way.If you want your students to form an opinion and make an argument in support of that opinion, design a persuasive essay topic.One such type is an expository essay, which is writing intended to explain or describe something.If you want your students to use examples from the play to clarify or illustrate an idea, then design an expository essay.Design essay prompts that allow your students to analyze the play in terms of these major themes.One type of essay is expository, which aims to explain or describe an idea.These ideas of eternal life weremirrored in poetry of William Shakespeare - the Renaissanceman of England.In a number of his sonnets Shakespearetalks about immortality from diverse points of view.


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