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His theories revolutionized education and were recognized all over the world (Huett, Hummel, 2003).In my short paper I would like to cover some of the theories that Piaget came up with.The thesis of this theory is that children are social beings who do not develop in cognitive separation from others (Taylor, 1996, p. They identify the outside world the way they perceive it and their thinking is always in terms of their own perspective, their own position within.

According to Piaget the level of sophistication of the cognitive structures the child comes up with cannot be compared to the ones of grown-ups.

The path of child’s development was segmented by Piaget Piaget into four stages which began with birth and concluded in teen years.

He decided to start his education with receiving an MA degree and then Ph. in Zoology, but went on to study Psychoanalysis that he was interesting in all through his studies.

It can be said that Piaget became a pioneer of children’s psychology.

The next theory I would like to describe is the Theory of Value.

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The basic questions answered by this theory are what knowledge and skills are worthwhile learning, and what the goals of education are.These stages are: Sensorimotor stage (0-2 yrs), Preoperational stage (2-7 yrs), Concrete operations (7-11 yrs), and Formal operations (from 11-15 and up) (Commons, Richards, 1984, pp. A chief principle of Piaget’s theory is that these stages do not differ in order, they cannot be skipped, and should not be hurried.This theory is the basis for other theories that I will dwell upon later in the paper.At Essay - professional essay writing service - you can buy custom essays on Jean Piaget topics, 100% written from scratch. Essay knows HOW effectively to help high school, college & university students with writing the highest grade custom papers online.This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page.It laid down an assumption that children develop self-centric theories about their environment.This creation and development leads to the growth of the child.In this paper such theories as Cognitive Stage Theory, and two other theories that are based on it - Theory of Value, and Theory of Society, will be described (Huitt, Hummel, 2003).To begin with, it is important to say that he based his research and experiments mainly on descriptive case studies.Driven by a very strong desire to study others he moved to Paris to explicitly start to study children.Being absorbed by his effort, he worked day and night.


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