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Fahrenheit sought to create a practical temperature scale in which 0 corresponded with the coldest temperature normally encountered in Western Europe and 100 corresponded to the hottest temperature.

Fahrenheit initially created a temperature scale in which 0 represented the temperature of a salt and ice mixture, 30 represented the freezing point of water, and 90 represented the mean human body temperature.

(hint: use synchronized methods, An example of the output is shown below: We started off with only 5 Java experts working full time and now we have more than 70 Java experts working full time to provide help with Java homework.

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Java is cross platform and works on Windows, Mac and Linux without changing the code. The code for the GUI is supplied and is available on the course website.

For this (1686-1736) devoted most of his life to creating precision meteorological instruments.

Fahrenheit invented the mercury thermometer in 1714.

Please spend a bit of time looking at the given code to familiarise yourself with it and where you have to complete the code.

You can create your own GUI if you choose to but DO NOT use any GUI generators.


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