Irony In Cask Of Amontillado Essay

Irony In Cask Of Amontillado Essay-64
His vengeance was only pleasurable for a short period, because Fortunato’s cry only lasted several minutes.At the end, Fortunato made fun of his tormentor, and upon his death Montresor admits that his “heart grew sick” (Poe 8).– In human speech, very few styles of expression are as cruel as sarcasm.

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As such, Montressor states that he would punish the person who inflicted him with injuries, because to him, the wrongs committed against him were worthy of punishment.

Ironically, though, Montresor states that he would be avenging insults with death, since he perceived that as the ultimate revenge.

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As human nature would have it, people are often quicker to see weaknesses in other while ignoring their more apparent flaws.

As such, Montresor finds his companion’s “transgression” worthy of the cruelest death, and believes that his cause is so right that he deserves to get away with it.

– There is a sense of this in Fortunato’s statement that he drinks to “the buried that repose around us” (Poe 5).

Dead bodies may be immobile but as to whether they are at rest, is a matter of conjecture.

The third part of the tale on the other hand is reflected in the long journey that two take, only for Montresor to encourage Fortunato into reaching “the extremity of the niche” (Poe 7), where he found iron staples hindering his progress further into the crypt.

Here, Montresor chained Fortunato up, ready to avenge the perceived wrongs committed against him.


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