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Please do not pin all of your circumstance on luck, especially in a cover letter.Even if the reader is a big believer in luck, you're telling him you're unlucky. It seems the bad luck streak started in utero, if you ask me.This content was originally created by member econ and has evolved with the help of our investment banking mentors.

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What you really want people to be looking at is the resume. I think cover letters are better when they are focused on your past work experience as opposed to general and arbitrary sentiments about how you are a "hard worker and team player with a strict attention to detail". However, I am 100% committed and motivated to prove myself in a finance position."Bad luck?

The longer your cover letter is the larger the chance that you'll have a typo or say something stupid. No, it's the shitty and difficult-to-read resume, cover letter, and 'research reports' that are the issue.

I remember at least a few of those as being pretty good years.

If you were halfway decent, you could have squeaked in the industry in more than a few of those years.

Your research probably sucks unless you've been doing it professionally.

If there is any doubt at all about including a 'research report', do not do it.(Side note: The research report had a lot of opinions and not a lot of facts, and it lacked connections between really basic facts about the current state of the business to the 'projections'.)If you don't think you have a chance to get the job, you can toss a Hail Mary with your cover letter.I am extremely interested in investment banking and would love nothing more than to learn under your tutelage.I have no qualms about fetching coffee, shining shoes, or picking up laundry, and will work for next to nothing.I am writing to inquire about a possible in your office.I am aware it is highly unusual for undergraduates from average universities like (BLOCKED) to intern at (BLOCKED), but nevertheless, I was hoping you might make an exception.The truth is I have no unbelievably special skills or genius eccentricities, but I do have a near perfect GPA and will work hard for you.I've interned for Lynch in the Wealth Management Division and taken an investment banking class at (BLOCKED), for whatever that is worth.And if you’re just plain lazy, you can download the cover letter template below.But trust me, The #1 thing banks look for on your resume is experience related to the job, like you’ll see below: If you don’t have any, you better go get some before you apply. You have some work experience, but it’s completely unrelated.Just tell them what job you're applying for, who you've been in touch with at the firm, and maybe a few sentences about your qualifications and lock up the deal with a solid resume. I'm almost certain you would be a terrible employee just by the quality of the work you sent me in a cold email.You graduated from college 10 years ago, by the way.


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