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Human, then, knew how to create fire and use it to cook food.As time moved on, human finally reach the agricultural era, which they found out how to grow crop and harvest them for food or trading purpose....

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However the word “invention” actually goes back to the Latin word invenire for “to come upon.” Basically an invention can be any tangible device or a process, which is brought out by the human imagination.

Now a lot of these inventions have helped shaped America....

The display case holds rocks collected by the Apollo 15 and 16 missions.

The 1.5-kilogram (3.3-pound) chunk of volcanic basalt in the center is 3.4 billion years old.

Chemotherapy can cause your hair to fall out and make you feel tired and sick.

Delivering the chemo drugs inside nanoparticles could reduce these side effects by making sure the drug goes only to the cancer.[tags: Patent, Invention, Patentability, Thomas Edison] - The whole history of human development, in essence, is a glorious history of invention.All aspects of human are all related to the invention and creation, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and communication. 20922 Issued in January 2015 NBER Program(s): Health Economics, Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship A key decision in research is whether to try out new ideas or build on more established ideas.In this paper, we evaluate which type of work is more likely to spur further invention.This is all about new, useful and non-obvious method, machine, article of manufacture, or there is a solution to a particular technical problem, if nobody said that some people had invented.... Inventors usually do the invention for human being’s better lives even though they have to face with failures and challenge during the way to success.[tags: Patent, Invention, Patentability] - In our society, there are many kinds of works; teachers teach students in the school, government officers help govern the whole country, and lawyers work in the court for the justice. In their process of invention, a process about engineering and product development, they use their creative minds trying to solve the problem people meet with everyday; although they may be fail to solve the problem at their first try, they still keep optimistic doing the experiments again and again....When recent advances create superior opportunities for invention, their adoption as research inputs in the invention process promotes technological progress.The gains from pursuing such innovative research paths may, however, be very limited as new ideas are often initially raw and poorly understood.Compared with the past, these entire have a big difference due to the scientists invent.It can even be said that, without invention, there is no human civilization and high-tech era.


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