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As always, there are three main parts of writing an essay: Right now, just focus on the start to your essay.

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Running through the basic outline of your paper in the introduction offers readers a chance to preview what your paper is about and your stance on the issue or to evaluate how objective you'll be.The introduction for a college level paper has a lot of weight on its shoulders.The introduction needs to draw readers in, frame your paper and establish what you want to say.The introduction may have plenty of responsibility but that doesn’t mean you need to sweat writing it.There are some easy steps you can take to ensure your introduction hooks the reader's interest and sets the stage for the rest of your paper.You can figure out more on how to create a quality essay introduction by following each one of these useful steps.Before you ever get started writing an essay intro, you need first to identify what kind of essay you are going to be writing.Although it seems the brunt of your work will be contained in the middle sections of your paper, the introduction is your first impression and your chance to get your foot in the door.Be sure you use all of your writing skills to craft the perfect introduction so that readers will give your paper the time and attention it deserves.Using a hook which also sets you up for a common thread throughout the essay is a great way to establish flow.For example, if you're writing about the proliferation of 'everyday celebrity' you can use Andy Warhol's famous quote about 15 minutes of fame for an initial hook and then introduce the rise (and fall) of any flash in the pan celebrity.


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