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In face to face conversations, you can claim things like the earth being spherical, WTC 7 being brought down in a controlled demolition or Scarlett Johansen having an awful taste in gala dresses but you will generally have trouble summoning evidence supporting these assertions. You can also get into frustrating situations like being unable to recall the name of a song even though you know a string of lyrics from it, or having forgotten the name of that action film with Nicolas Cage in some prison airplane. Not necessarily due to its innate features (though during trillian chat certain words can be highlighted showing an excerpt from a wikipedia entry) but because instant messaging generally happens online, unless you’re chatting on a closed off intranet, which is just plain stupid.The fact that instant messaging generally happens on a PC or Mac while being connected to the internet enables you to support whatever conversation you have with a wide variety of sources or illustrations.Generally text messaging applications allow you to send photos, videos, other applications and links enabling you to for instance show off your new boy/girlfriend or your holiday in Uruguay.

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[3] Freedom Text chatting provides both conversation partners the ability to do things besides holding the conversation without appearing inattentive, rude or distracted.

In face to face talks you have to keep your mind sharp and focused in order to maximize information intake: nuances in expressions, intonations and on the fly translations when dealing with someone with a heavy accent or some other speech impediment do not afford a half distracted mind.

Having your mind elsewhere is considered disrespectful or offensive – we all know the examples of a wife talking to her husband “Have you done the dishes?

” “Yes, hun.” “Are you going to pick up that couch from the neighbours? ” “Yes, hun.” “Did you know our daughter turned into a goat?

IRC, of course, both allowed a message history (logfile) and kept your recent conversation on screen, but was harder to ‘get into.’ Still, it is my personal preferred IM application since it also allows many to many conversations in an extremely friendly and clear chat environment. Interesting and deep discussions become a thing of the unforgiving permanent past the moment they end. [2] Time to reflect and contemplate Have you ever had one of those conversations where every word counts? These pauses themselves may contain meaning for the other party that you really really did not want or mean to convey.

Anyway One of the funny things about sound is that you can’t really freeze and capture it like a photograph. Of course, they will be kept somewhat in our memories, where they will be immediately edited (raped) by our silly brains, forgetting certain parts and overemphasizing others. Job interviews, trying to save or break a relationship, heated debates with your parents (or children) reaching very dangerous climaxes and so on? Especially when emotions are involved, things can slip out in oral conversations that shouldn’t have. Text chatting is not immune to the same pitfalls and problems of face to face communication in this regard and it has some extra danger added to it concerning informationloss due to lack of bodylanguage, intonation and so forth.A bit later MSN got mainstream, and (quite revolutionary) allowed recently sent and received messages to be displayed in a single chatbox. It makes it more easier to address the things someone else has said earlier because no part of the conversation obfuscates another part, whereas in a linear sequence of spoken words earlier things said are prone to slip from your memory even though you wanted to comment on them.However, for some reason the earlier versions eschewed things like offline messaging and message histories. Most of us (at least the sane) don’t industriously record every conversation we have with people. This is why people often interrupt one another; to make sure the points they wanted to make are stated before they are forgotten. Taking pauses to think is not always appropriate, viable or possible.While I do not want to take this dominant view of RL communication versus online communication head on, I do want to speak in the defense of the latter. Logfiles and message histories preserve our conversations .Rather than simply being an inferior way of communicating, I’d like to point out some specific advantages of IM communication which may or may not be obvious. In the old days, ICQ used to give you little text boxes into which you typed a message, which would be sent off and disappear from your screen. When your online conversation partner gives you shit about something you supposedly have said, of which you are sure you haven’t, all you have to do is locate the appropriate logfile and present him or her with the cold hard evidence.[4] Context Face to face conversations happen everywhere and anywhere; on trains, in living rooms, in hallways, during sex, in waiting rooms, in fox holes, under shields while suffering a rain of Persian arrows and so on.What these locations and situations have in common is that the people involved are unlikely to have an internet terminal standby to look up extra information regarding a conversation topic.Then, if your conversation partner was online and replied to you, you’d see a blinking message next to his/her name in the ICQ interface, which would spawn a popup upon doubleclicking with his/her reply. Misunderstandings and potential causes of festering feuds are avoided with some deft use of the standard search functions (ctrl f) present in every chat history browser.It was cumbersome, a kind of popup email, but new and fun, and ICQ featured a message history. Furthermore, having on-screen reference to recently written lines helps along the communication in several ways.— There are likely other unique advantages instant messaging offers to the realm of conversations that I haven’t thought of.Possibly nothing I have said is in any way new and already established in books on communication or cognitivity or whatever.


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