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Not all problems follow these steps linearly, especially for very challenging problems.

Some of the problem-solving techniques developed and used in philosophy, artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, mathematics, or medicine are related to mental problem-solving techniques studied in psychology.

The term problem solving means slightly different things depending on the discipline.

Problem – a state of desire for reaching a definite goal from a present condition [1] Solution – the management of a problem in a way that successfully meets the goals set for treating it [2] [1] Problem solving on Wikipedia [2] Introduction to Problem Solving by Robert Harris One important call-out is the importance of having a goal.

As defined above, the solution may not completely solve problem, but it does meet the goals you establish for treating it–you may not be able to completely resolve the problem (end world hunger), but you can have a goal to help it (reduce the number of starving children by 10%).

Problems have a goal to be reached and how you get there depends upon problem orientation (problem-solving coping style and skills) and systematic analysis.

Mental health professionals study the human problem solving processes using methods such as introspection, behaviorism, simulation, computer modeling, and experiment.

The next step is to generate possible solutions and evaluate them.

Finally a solution is selected to be implemented and verified.

Knowing the different problem solving steps allows you to work on your weak areas, or team-up with someone who’s strengths complement yours. Check out our training programs or try these 20 problem solving activities to improve creativity.

Problem solving consists of using generic or ad hoc methods in an orderly manner to find solutions to problems.


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