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I remember this particular trip with such clarity for two reasons.

Looking at what I did when I was little, makes me feel bad because of the burden that I have caused for my parents.

When I apologize to my parents for the hard work, they say ? The fruits have to be nourished, only to become ripe, and then in turn, nourish the gardener.?

Most importantly, he taught me how to live life with excitement and passion.

That means you'll need to give specific examples of those things.

I remember unwrapping the gift paper, revealing the strange gaunt figure as my Uncle described to me in hushed tones who this man was and what he had done for our country.

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The real gift that Alex gave me over the years, however, was that he never acted as if it were odd for a young boy to have a keen interest in history.The most influential people of my life is my parents.They have guided me to the paths that I needed to take and shaped me to the person that I have become. When I have wanted a person to be my side to help me, my parents have always been there for me.This will help you achieve your dreams and work hard to get wherever you want.To write an essay about an influential person can be truly inspiring, and you will not feel it like a difficult task.Deciding to improve your behavior in school, visiting a particular college you previously refused to see, spending more time volunteering at the soup kitchen—if you did those things because of someone else, that’s influence. Don’t choose this prompt to try to sound impressive.The Common Application actually gives you five choices of essay prompts.In short, my entire awareness has been shaped and influenced by my Uncle Alex's colorful pedagogy.I don't know what my life would have been without his influence but it certainly would have been different. Uncle Alex didn't just teach me about a period of history. He taught me the power of opening young minds to the mystery of knowledge.As we sped down the highway, the quiet and calming hum of the car seemed somehow at odds with the late-summer lushness of the Pennsylvania landscape.Without warning this quiet calm was shattered when my Uncle Alex yelled, “Firsts!


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