Indian Removal Act Essay

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On the other hand, they were usually forced to march in chains or manacles.

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The food provision was scarce, they suffered from severe diseases and a large number of the Indians died from the harsh conditions and diseases. Visit our custom essay service Advanced to have your essay paper written by professional writers.

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These tribes constituted the majority of more than 60,000 Indians driven out of their land and they were distinguished from other Indian populations due to their leadership forms and organization. government could not recognize them to be civilized enough to be their neighbors necessitating their forceful relocation.

They had functional social systems based on property ownership, government offices and established schools much like in Europe (Perdue, 2008). The Trail of Tears created a period of immeasurable misery and despair among the Indians who were being relocated against their wishes.

This journey was referred to as the “Trail of Tears” mainly due to its devastating effects it had to the Indian people.

The migrants faced extreme hunger, diseases and exhaustion due to the forced march while more than 50,000 people died (Cave, 2003).

The Cherokee Nation brought suit against the state of Georgia in the famous case of .

The arrival of colonists into North America significantly impacted the Native Americans.

The story of the Trail of Tears serves as a reminder of the impact that white Americans had on Native Americans.

Did the removal of the Native Americans from east of the Mississippi River violate the principles found in the Declaration of Independence?


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