Importance Literacy Essay

Importance Literacy Essay-61
The major aspect of digital literacy to consider is the impact it has in the society today.

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The certifications to prove digital literacy include ICDL, ECDL, IC, and GDLC.

The curricula for certification often changes with the changing technology making it necessary for people to re-certify in order to remain competitive with the changing technology (Bawden and Robinson, 2008).

The companies are requiring employees who must be proficient with the digital technology.

Job recruiters mostly look for potential employees in the internet.

People with digital literacy therefore will be more likely to get employment in the growing number of companies using digital technology (EDC, 2005).

A growing number of companies are dealing with innovations, development, and maintenance of digital technology.It reinforces that expectation that, if we are responsible, others should exercise responsibility, as well.It assumes that learning is a lifelong process that doesn't just take place through textbooks or in certain demographic areas.I've become impassioned about that mission, to the point where my children are saying, "Oh Mom! Why do I care so much, and feel so strongly about it?" Several themes came up for me, that I connect with very deeply. It's taking care of ourselves while extending ourselves toward our family, friends and community. Education was my ticket, as I'm sure it was for many of us here today.People with digital literacy are therefore more likely to be economically stable as compared to those who are illiterate in regards to digital technology (Bawden and Robinson, 2008).Countries with the high level of digital literacy, e.g.In order to get the information students require digital literate teacher and the use of computers in classrooms to make sure the students get the right and adequate information on the matter (Bawden and Robinson, 2008).Digital technology has made research done by students easy, students are able to access millions of databases found online on the subject of research using search engines such as Google.It is the essence of having the ability to both enhance and protect our precious freedoms.It presumes that we, the people, are smart and capable and responsible.


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