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It was pretty clear: I needed to prioritise being able to read Arabic right now.Now, keep in mind that this is not a universal rule that I would generically apply to everyone and every language.I've Skyped other teachers since and it turns out that none of them transliterate the words they write to you, unless specifically requested to, and nearly all their material doesn't have any familiar Latin letters.

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The problem kept coming up again and again, over those two days.

Flashcards I'd look at online are not transliterated, transliterisation itself is really inconsistent and confusing (for me, as I'm using French material, with French pronunciation rules applied).

In this video, I read a script written entirely in Arabic (no romanisation) about how I'm in Rio and just starting the mission.

To make it more interesting, I've thrown in some nice views of the city at various points in the video, but there is no editing out of my pauses and hesitations.

Here it is – my first ever video in Arabic, a week after starting to learn it!

Subtitles are provided in original Arabic, English and Portuguese for all videos of this project.

But you see, when you are dealing with a phonetic language it's way easier than people think to learn to read it. So very specifically in this situation based on my challenges and problems, I saw that I had to prioritise reading Arabic.

Not being able to read Arabic was my one manageable biggest problem.

The reason I picked this wasn't just because it was a big problem, but because it was a problem that I could solve in less than a week to the level of usefulness that I require.

I still have to improve my reading speed (obviously, since the video is REALLY slow), accuracy of certain letters, etc.


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