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Turning female vampires into sexy creatures is absurd."And, true, if you are seeking sexy vampires, you can skip Richard Matheson's book. But don’t expect a novel of sort to end with a happy love fest or truce betweenthe undead and the living. Instead youwill learn exactly what it takes to become a legend. Matheson himself notwithstanding—you should try to avoidat all costs.

During the day,he hunts for sleeping vampires and hammers stakes through their hearts.

And occasionally he remembers the past, events he would prefer to forget.

This classic novel explores the human condition through one man's uphill battle with the slippery slope of sanity as he fights to survive and to discover the source of the plague.

Can one man ultimately make a difference and put an end to these vampire creatures?

The plot follows the mutation of a virus and the end of the world as we know it but also the deterioration of the psyche of a man.

The most common theme of this novel is an emphasis on human emotion and how we interact with others.

Few genre writers would know what to do with a sub-plotof this sort, but Matheson not only makes it emotionally riveting, but evenfinds a way conclude the chapter with perhaps the most chilling moments inthe novel.

Matheson also finds time to insert tworomance angles into his book, and notwith the kind of awkward grafting weusually find in genre stories.

Somecritics have praised Matheson for translating Cold War anxieties into thecontext of horror fiction, or for making a thinly-veiled plea for racialtolerance (the novel takes place in South Central LA, on the same streets I frequented in my youth).

Matheson’s book has also beenpraised as a classic existential account of loneliness, in the mold of at age sixteen, he decided that if one vampire wasscary, even more terrifying might be an entire world filled with vampires.


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