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We believe that this site will be especially useful for Linux, Mac and other non-Windows users which can not view CHM files using their OS. If you can not find help file you need just send us e-mail and we will add it.

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In the following procedure we introduce you to how to perform phase 1 in it's typical case: In this example, we assume that we need to convert the help in the HTML file (Input File.htm) shown in figure 3 into a CHM file.It was first introduced with the release of Windows 98, and is still supported and distributed through Windows XP and Vista platforms.HTML Help files are made with help authoring tools.The user can, for example, press F1 while accessing a part of an application.The help corresponding to this part of the application is retrieved from the CHM file and then is displayed to the user.Then you can publish your help as CHM, web based help, Word or PDF.Leading Translation Management System for Translation Agencies, Top Translation Management Software for Freelance Translators, Time Tracking Software, Word Count, Character Count and Line Count Software, Computer Assisted Translation Tool for Easy Word Count, Clipboard Character Count Software, User-Friendly Translation Memory Software, Terminology Management Software, Terminology Management Server, Microsoft Glossary Software, Dictionary of Acronyms, Social Network for Translators and Translation Agencies, Acronyms and Abbreviations Search Engine, Russian Translation Lab, Ukrainian Translation Lab.Here's the steps you need to perform to achieve this target: Figure 3: Input Figure 4: Microsoft HTML Help Workshop New Project Window Figure 5: Specify name and location of new project Figure 6: Specify existing files that we need to include in project Figure 7: Add HTML files Figure 8: Project settings Figure 9: Your first HTML help file One may ask, so what?All what we have done is to convert a single HTML file into a CHM file! All what we can see when viewing the newly created CHM file is essentially the same as what we can see when viewing the original HTML file!They have since announced their intentions not to develop the .CHM format further, and will be moving to a new generation of Windows Help called Microsoft Assistance Markup Language in the Windows Vista operating system. It has a set of web pages written in a subset of HTML and a hyperlinked table of contents.


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