How To Develop Critical Thinking Skills In Children

The death of vital critical thinking has become eminent.Critical thinking skills help kids solve complex problems and think for themselves.

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But your child needs to learn the skill from somewhere, or more realistically—from someone, like a parent or teacher.

So what can you do to explicitly teach your child to develop critical thinking skills?

Often confused, abstract thinking isn’t the same thing as critical thinking.

Abstraction is when an idea not present in any physical or concrete way.

Ask Your Child”Why”Remember how your kids drove you crazy when they went through the “why’ stage? In the end they may even come out with a deeper understanding on the battles fought in WWII and the reason behind them.

They constantly bombarded you with ‘why.’ Why is the sky blue? Support Arguments at Home Have your child argue their viewpoint on a subject. Have them present their explanation on why they should stay up late. Analyze the data together and let them find the perfect solution.

Kids that consider alternatives are more open-minded and adapt better to difficult situations and problems.

More than 1 in 6 students in the United States are unable to solve complex thinking problems, according to the 2012 PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) test done on 15 year old children in 44 different countries.

Avoid teaching your child to do something in one certain way, and one way only.

Additionally, it’s worth teaching kids early on about biases.


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