How Can I Solve My Problem

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Seeking support: It is common to get caught up in a problematic situation where we don't see a possible or clear solution.

It is difficult to dissociate and remain neutral while accurately assessing a problem at hand in order to recognize possible solutions.

-- There are problems, or situations, you can do something about and some you can’t do anything about.

I guess you agree when I say it’s smartest not to get bothered with situations you can’t change anyway.

You just need to accept things as long as you can’t change them. Apart from the fact that major life events are mainly negative they are helpful as they show us that normal everyday problems are not really problems…The “problem” now is that such events happen very rarely and soon after the event we swing back into everyday life and forget about the major event -- Small things appear big again.

Let’s take the weather: If you’re totally unhappy with the weather in England and cannot accept it, then you probably need to move to Jamaica. Luckily, we can mentally fake such events to consciously put things in perspective. We looked at 3 simple ways to get rid of 97% of your problems: Cool. I hope you realized that many of our problems are not really problems.Try to form your goals in the sense of actions you can take to achieve the desired goal.Take time to brainstorm possible ways to resolve the problem.One logical way to problem solve is to seek support.While it is logical to seek advice, don't forget that the final decision is still yours to make.It is typically easier to advise others how to react in a particular problematic situation than to confront that same or similar situation ourselves.This is a main reason individuals seek solutions by consulting others for outside opinions.All the things we cannot control are not really problems to us. As soon as we get influenced by things we cannot control we get helpless victims. If we feel shit about something we cannot affect, we have no chance to change that. So, she talks about her problems: Poor sleep for 2 nights, an annoying boss, slight weight gain, many bills to pay, difficult relationship with her lover etc…These problems seem ridiculous to you. If you face an unwelcoming situation in life, look at it as a challenge that you want to master. We are a victim that feels terrible for something we can’t do anything about. If the train is running late, and we get pissed off about that, then we are victims. And that’s something you might have learned from the Pirates of the Caribbean…And even if he was drunk when he said that, there’s something to it. --With such problems it helps to put them in perspective. Most of our problems vanish as soon as something BIG happens. The Western world has generally more than ever before. You know, a major life experience like the death of a close one, a serious illness, you lose your home, or your job, or just something else really big compared to everyday things happens.


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