Horse Farm Business Plan

With the steady growth in interest shown in this industry comes an accompanying desire for knowledge on how to undertake this business.This article comes to the rescue by making available some of the strategies used producing a comprehensive business plan.We are into the horse racing business not just to participate, but to make a difference by being among the top 5 horse breeding businesses in Texas within our first 5 years of commencing operations.

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Sales Projection With an industry that has showed a strong potential for growth over the years, our horse breeding business has conducted research in the field which emerged with impressive sales projection figures.

Some of the factors used in making this analysis include the current growth indices of the horse breeding industry, plus the strength of the economy which directly impacts on the income potential of Americans.

Apart from our products, we will take part in other areas of business which will include participation in horse races, the hiring of our horses for events, the provision of training for interested individuals and organizations and the provision of advisory services.

Vision Statement Our vision at Rouge Horses is to be among the top 5 horse breeding businesses in Texas within the first 5 years of commencement of business.

Competitive Advantage A competitive advantage we will have over our competitors is the number of thoroughbreds in our stables.

We will have an impressive collection of thoroughbreds, plus, our workforce will be highly motivated to contribute their expertise to the growth of our business.Here is a free business plan for starting a horse breeding farm.We start by first outlining the key points under which business plan will be written; Table of Contents Executive Summary To be located in the heart of Texas, Rouge Horses is a horse breeding business that breeds quality horses consisting, using the best breeding techniques in the industry.Natural disasters and economic recession have however been discounted.The chart below summarizes the findings; Source of Revenue Our source of revenue will come mainly from the sale of our products and services which include sale of horses, hiring same, offering advisory and consultancy services to interested clients and also training of individuals or groups on the techniques of horse breeding.We are giving you time to have information to download !! You can avoid the manual loading of all the information if you are using CRIO Equine Software (desktop version)...the importing can be done by yourself and it takes 1 minute !!These range from households, horse race courses, ranches and other smaller horse farms needing excellent breeds of horses.This is in addition to our consultancy services that will be offered on demand to the same target market.This motivation will come by way of attractive remuneration packages plus an attractive work environment.Target Market Our target market will consist mainly of horse lovers and users.


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