Homework Kindergarten

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We should also be reading every night but are unable to do so because of all of the rest of the homework he has.

Last night, I went through the folder he takes home from school and she sent home 2 pages of classwork and a math test with a note "Jordan was unable to complete these in the allotted time given in class.

Or one might be practicing writing a handful of letters (not the whole alphabet), for example.

Or identifying rhyming words then writing the word and drawing a picture of it.

Seeing that tear hit the page of homework for my tore me apart which is what prompted this post.

I love that you're advocating for your son by not letting him reach that point.Last month, for example, it was to measure around a pumpkin with a string, to weigh things around the house, count his steps to the front door, do some sit ups and jumping jacks, draw a pumpkin patch,etc.Active learning like that is much better for younger kids than worksheets.They also want the parent to read out loud to their child every night, which we do anyway.If they sent home as much homework as you say, I just wouldn’t make him do it. This afternoon, my son was spelling out words and numbers with Smarties candies from his Halloween basket.Now she is sending home classwork he didn't finish to complete at home as well.I feel overwhelmed trying to maintain a good school/life balance for him and he's only in kindergarten!Please have him complete them at home and turn back in."From the time he gets off the bus in the afternoon to the time he goes to bed is 4 hours, 10 minutes.As it stands, he is spending at least an hour and a half of that time working on his homework packet, tracing letters, or working on the other required at-home activities.How did/do you balance homework after your child has been at school all day? Kindergarten is learn thru play and let's be honest, is a slightly more structured and academically educational version of daycare centers.You should read to kid everynight and make regular day to day things a learning opportunity but sheets and such for homework is ridiculous.


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