Homework For 5 Year Olds

Homework For 5 Year Olds-42
Sort Legos by Color Sort Flowers by Color Sort Colors to make a Hanging Rainbow Sort Bears by Color Sort Rainbow Macaroni for a Necklace Sort Pom Poms and Other Pieces in the Sensory Bin Sort Fish by Color in the Water Table Sort Pieces to make a Rainbow Sort Hearts by Color Sort Letters One of my favorite ways to add some simple counting is during art projects. In our journals with stickers, puzzles, overhead projector, cookie cutters at the play dough table, etc. Apple Sorting and Counting Apple Counting and 1:1 Correspondence There are so many picture books include math.While we do have a “shape of the month”, I feel the same about it as I do “letter of the week”. I love to use these books for circle time activities, or during small groups.

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This activity also teaches patience, a key attribute at all stages in life.

Another great way to help little ones gain control of their motor skills is to play throwing games.

But forcing a child to sit and do worksheets and flashcards can be boring.

In fact, some children will quickly decide they don’t want to have anything to do with it.

So, let me share some fun ways that we have engaged our preschoolers: These are the obvious sorting activities, but there are so many others that just seem to happen naturally throughout our morning. I often add a number line so they can place the items on the line while they count.

Putting things away in proper bins, sorting what goes into the trash and what goes back into the bag at snack time, sorting the colored markers when putting them away. (This is great 1:1 correspondence, too.)Count the Frogs on the Log We learn about and draw shapes in many ways.I am a strong believer in allowing young children to use their five senses during learning activities, math included.They could be sitting and staring at numbers on a sheet of paper, or on an index card, OR they could be exploring numbers while sorting, measuring, counting, reading, singing and cooking.I mentioned above that I’ve tried math trays during centers time, large group math activities during circle time, and math games during small groups.Math does not have to be limited to a specific part of your day.Draw letters in pencil and have your children go over your writing with markers. Children can gain fine motor skills as they move puzzle pieces and place them in the correct spots.Look for puzzles with pieces that have pegs to make it easy for little hands to use them.Preschool math activities can feel overwhelming, especially when you are trying to figure out what part of your day to place them.Believe me, I’ve tweaked our schedule so much in the past 19 years!She is the author of The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education. Ages 3-5 are crucial times when children learn and develop.


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