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Provide clear direction and they'll be yours forever.

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If your third-grader can read your construction drawings, you've got some work to do.

Lack of details and no consistency leave a lot of room for error and interpretation, says Shinn.

everyone [will] want."If you've been sending customers to vendors or using allowances instead of baseline specifications, now is the time to stop.

Shinn suggests taking control of the process by setting time frames, offering guidance and packing selections, thereby lessening the confusion for your customer.

Stuart Teicher is senior vice president and general counsel of the Teicher Organization in East Brunswick, N. The company develops residential and commercial projects throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Starting a construction company is an excellent way of enjoying long-term returns on investment."There is no substitution for good business character," Jenkins says."The ideals, standards and values that we base our company strategies on should make sense in a good market as well as a bad market."Although purchasing is usually great at negotiating the best price, Sedam says, it doesn't hurt to challenge your purchasing departments to show you documentation that they are not only negotiating for the best trades by those criteria but also for the best crews."Trades and supers haven't been asked for input on what they need, nor is there a scope of work for architects." Be kind and refine. has been a consultant and industry educator since 1975.He has a doctorate in business management and has improved the management skills of home builders to increase their profits, quality and customer satisfaction.If you've dropped new staff orientation programs to save a buck, you might as well start recruiting your C-suite from the playground.You'll save money in the long run by retaining "perks" such as job training — both new-hire and continual education — as well as orientation and advancement opportunities.Sales expert and PB columnist John Rymer recommends paying close attention to your customers' wish lists."Whatever the last three customers were asking for ...The dynamics of land and home building are quite different, says Shinn.Too many firms "subsidize inefficient home-building operations with land appreciation." Land is a very liquid asset; don't dry up your cash reserves by keeping your land and home building operations in the same bucket.


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