Hispanic American Diversity Essay

House Dems say Trump admin blocking visits to border sites New Trump rule on military families riles LGBT community What Do New Citizenship Rules For Kids Of U. This is a research paper on Hispanic American Diversity. Custom sociology research papers are Paper Masters specialty and can focus on any aspect of Hispanic culture or life that you need.However, not many people look for similarities in people across cultures since our American history includes exclusion of so many groups, including Hispanics.

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Indeed, Hispanic culture's emphasis on cooperation in the attainment of goals can result in Hispanic students' discomfort with this nation's conventional classroom competition.

Hispanic adolescents are more inclined than Anglo adolescents to adopt their parents' commitment to religious and political beliefs, occupational preferences, and lifestyle (Black et al., 1991).

Did they mean that since my dad had a white-collar job, and since I spoke English without an accent like they did, that I must not have been of Mexican descent?

What made them assume that all Hispanics were Mexican? It’s not uncommon to find myself in these awkward situations; more recently I found myself the only Mexican-American among a group of Caucasian adults, who, as a result of my presence, were having a very restrained conversation about their “changing” neighborhoods, and their desire to move away because “the demographics” were shifting—which, I inferred, meant more Hispanics were moving in and they wanted to get out.

I believe that this multiculturalism is what America has tried to achieve all along, and I believe that we are to be a melting pot.

This realization has made it easier for me to identify myself as Mexican-American; I know I can exist happily between these two worlds, accepting the American part of me as well as the fundamental Mexican part of me.

Even though I sometimes face confusion about my cultural identity, I know that, after all, America is a melting pot.

This debate within myself is the product of being fed the incessant mantra that we are truly a multicultural and diverse nation, and I’m sure Mexican-Americans aren’t the only ones in this country who experience this self-reflection.

I started realizing I also belonged to another world when my friends and I started hitting puberty, and they would complain about Mexicans whistling at them. ” and they would say yes, it to have been Mexicans because it happened at the construction site down the block.

When I would respond defensively to their claims—because even at a young age I took offense to and recognized these stereotypes—they would reply with “well, you’re not my friends mean?


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