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Hamlet The Psychology of Inaction: Interactions with the Prince of Denmark in Shakespeare's Hamlet Though William Shakespeare was writing his masterful histories, comedies, and tragedies long before the science of psychology had begun to develop in any formalized and purposeful way, there is a great deal of psychological depth and even conscious analysis at work in many of the Bard's texts that makes for very interesting psychological fodder for modern minds.

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He spends too much time planning and not enough time doing.

By that time, Claudius, a man of action, becomes suspicious.

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He has Claudius watched, successfully gets the reaction he wants, yet he still does not kill him when he has the chance, coming up with another rationalization.

Every time Hamlet has an opportunity to act, he counteracts it with a doubt or a reason for inaction.Pages: 2 (987 words) | Type: A-Level Coursework | Bibliography Sources: 3 Hamlet's delay in killing Claudius has been a subject of debate for as long as the play has been there. Critics and scholars have offered many different reasons for the… Hamlet's indecisiveness is clearly demonstrated in his interactions with other characters.Inaction at Work The fact that Hamlet is left so indecisive and in many ways inactive due to his psychological confusion drives the play forward, as is made quite clear from early on in the play.This uncertainty can be seen in Hamlet's meeting with his father's ghost, though he is strong in his talk prior to the actual meeting, showing no real fear at the news that his father's spirit has been appearing to the guards on watch, his initial reaction upon actually seeing the form of his father is to cry out, "Angels and ministers of grace defend us! When Hamlet confronts his mother later in the play, after having just slain Polonius, his resolve seems strong until the intercession of his father ghost yet again, telling him to, "step between her and her fighting soul," and take a calmer course with Gertrude (III., iv., 124).Even in trying to fulfill his father's wishes, it seems, Hamlet fails, though Gertrude's reaction to Hamlet's discussion with the ghost questions the prince's sanity -- something he himself is forced to question as he views his treatment of his mother.Pages: 4 (1174 words) | Type: Term Paper | Style: MLA | Bibliography Sources: 5 Hamlet's Emotional State The Oxford American Dictionary defines an emotion as "a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances" (Oxford). Chicago Format"Hamlet the Psychology of Inaction: Interactions." Throughout Shakespeare's Hamlet, the prince of the title… This indecision has a dire consequence, namely the inability to act, which ultimately leads to his death and the deaths of most of the other characters by the play’s end, thus becoming Prince Hamlet’s tragic flaw.Due to his tendency to over think, over analyze, procrastinate, and stagnate in deliberation, the majority of the play focuses not on the actual act of revenge, but on all the delays in the events leading up to it.


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