Halloween Vs Prom Night Essay

They found two: It featured attacks on young girls, and it had a lot of knives and blood in it.

These two exploitable elements have been in the forefront of the boom in horror movies during the last two years, and they are, of course, present in "Terror Train."But "Terror Train" is a curious hybrid that doesn't seem to know just what it wants to be.

The opening scene is filmed through Myers’ mask, frequent over-the-shoulder angles are used, and peeking through windows and doors are routine perspectives.

There are also plenty of first-person points of view, shots of Myers standing in the background behind unsuspecting characters, and people jumping into frame to scare their targets despite certainly being in full visibility of the actors.

"I think we will just about slip in before the market becomes too saturated." - Sandy Howard, co-producer of "Terror Train," in Variety, Oct. Sandy Howard is talking about the horror film market, which began its modern incarnation in November 1978, with the national release of John Carpenter's "Halloween." There had, of course, always been horror films, but, like all movie genre films, they came and went in cycles.

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In the years before "Halloween," they often shared a certain grisly sophistication, a macabre wit that was perfected in the Hammer horror films from England in the 1960s.Once night falls, the real terrorizing begins, as Laurie babysits young Tommy (deathly scared of the boogeyman, he serves as the obligatory kid that nobody believes) and Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Charles Cyphers, who repetitiously sneaks up on his cohorts) tries futilely to track down the murderer at large.Anticipation is built up in an excruciating manner as dimwitted characters stumble about, oblivious to the knife-wielding maniac hovering just behind them.Myers famously moves very slowly, can take a beating (including bullets!), disappears into shadows, and remains unnoticed even in broad daylight.From a technical standpoint, the sound mixing is off, the dialogue is plain in the best spots and juvenile the rest of the time, the supporting actresses are terrible, the body count is surprisingly low, gore is practically nonexistent, and the handheld camerawork doesn’t always feel natural. She’s not only the most skilled of the distracted female victims, but her sympathetic nature and slightly more sensible outlook on self-defense and coping makes her a stronger survivor.If it weren’t for her largely agreeable presence, the villain would have been the only character to cheer for.Stalking is drawn out, along with the actual attacks (how many minutes does it take to strangle a girl?), many of which are now weirdly humorous or downright silly.he camera slowly zooms in on a glowing jack-o-lantern face during the opening credits, while director John Carpenter’s self-composed synthesizer music presides.It can be interpreted as hokey or representational of the manner in which audiences are intended to digest the coming frights.


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