Great Leader Essay

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It can only be possible if you inspire your followers by setting a good example.

When the going gets tough, they look up to you and see how you react to the situation. As a leader, should think positive and this positive approach should be visible through your actions.

If you are unsure about your own decisions and qualities, then your subordinates will never follow you.

As a leader, you have to be oozing with confidence, show some swagger and assertiveness to gain the respect of your subordinates.

Think out of the box to come up with unique ideas and turn those ideas and goals into reality. Leaders should develop empathy with their followers.

Unfortunately, most leaders follow a dictatorial style and neglect empathy altogether.

When it comes to accountability, you need to follow the approach highlighted by Arnold H Glasow when he said, “A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit.” Make sure that every one of your subordinates is accountable for what they are doing.

If they do well, give them a pat on the back but if they struggle, make them realize their mistakes and work together to improve.

Due to this, they fail to make a closer connection with their followers.

Understanding the problems of your followers and feeling their pain is the first step to become an effective leader.


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