Great Gatsby Characterization Essay

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By the end of Chapter 7, Gatsby is standing guard outside of Daisy's house on a needless vigil.

He is completely unable to realize that his dream is not a reality and so stands watching for a sign from Daisy.

Everything he does, every purchase he makes, every party he throws, is all part of his grand scheme to bring Daisy back into his life for good.

In one sense, this is a lovely romantic gesture, but in another sense, it perpetuates a childish illusion.

He sees what he is doing as noble, honorable, and purposeful.

The reader, however, sees the futility of his task as he becomes a parody of his former self. He can't wait to distance himself from his past in terms of his family, but yet he lives his adult life trying to recapture the past he had with Daisy.

As the story unfolds, however, the reader learns more and more what precipitates the mystery: that everything he has done in his adult life has been with the sole purpose of fulfilling the most unrealistic of dreams — to recapture the past.

Gatsby is in many ways, as the title suggests, , but when looking at him critically, some of the things he stands for may not be so admirable.

As such, life became much different (although he was missing one key ingredient: money).

He was no longer tied to his early years, but could imagine whatever past for himself he desired.


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