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When answering problem solving questions, the best strategy is to be honest, base your answers in facts, make sure your analysis is comprehensive, yet concise, and provide examples when possible.In most cases, problem solving questions can only tackled effectively if you've had relevant, challenging experiences during a previous job on which to base your answer.

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If you can find an office without troublemakers, lazy workers, selfish employees, management unwilling to listen to its staff and gossip kings and queens, then we will give you a two-bit gold cigar.

When does a situation or circumstance become problematic? Additionally, explain how you conducted risk management. Lesson learned Explain in detail what was accomplished and what strategies proved effective.

What factors must be considered before the problem can be properly analyzed? Analyze the Problem Describe in detail how you gathered data, facts, and other information needed to develop solutions. Generate Possible Solutions Describe in detail how you: Got to the heart of the problem? Conclude your answer by explaining how you developed professionally from the experience and what you will do differently in the future.

However, if the tardiness is perpetual, then action must be taken, including termination. Example: An internal audit has found that you’re late on average 11 minutes once a week, which is equal to about 44 minutes a month, or approximately 9 hours a year – a full workday.

There are four ways to handle this matter: The way employees survive the storm is by preparing for the worst possible outcome in every circumstance.


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