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All existing and proposed drainage patterns are analyzed and the golf course drainage system is designed.The green complexes (the putting surface and its corresponding approach, bunkers, grassy hollows and mounding) are designed in detail.Rather than delve into a deep discussion about placement of hazards, green contouring, engineering theories on green construction, drainage, siltation control, etc., etc., I thought that I would present a broad overview of the various aspects of golf course design.

With golf courses in the Midwest getting 30,000 to 40,000 rounds played each year, it is obvious that a putting green endures a tremendous amount of foot traffic.

The United States Golf Association’s specifications have proven to be a time tested, successful methodology for construction of putting greens.

A good golf course should be enjoyable, memorable and challenging.

The first element in designing a golf course is site selection and evaluation.

Irrigation systems are becoming more sophisticated all of the time.

Computer systems control operation of the sprinkler heads as well as manage the flow throughout the system to more efficiently utilize water resources and power.The course’s routing should provide a variety of hole lengths in differing directions, shot values and par sequence.The routing should incorporate natural site features such as wetlands into the golf course design.During the site analysis, usually several excellent golf holes and green locations will be obvious to the architect.These features are used as benchmarks for the routing study.Incorporation of “native grasses” to provide a variety of textures and height into non maintained areas is desirable.Successful grassing is greatly dependent upon the time of seeding.In other words, the golf course strategy should create risk and reward characteristics by use of hazards and contours in the design that will encourage the better player to gamble for the opportunity of an improved shot, yet provide a safer, alternate route for the average player.The architect’s visualization of the golf course is reflected in grading and drainage plan.From there a series of holes comprising the front nine and the back nine will be developed.Several routing studies and cost estimates are made analyzing all options for golf hole locations as well as clubhouse sites.


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