Global Warming Literature Review

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Price’s Oven Repair Work,” Climate Studies 12: 55). Price has refused every request for information or interview over the past half-century (except, of course, for the highly publicized time when she shouted “Leave me alone you annoying scientists! Efforts continue however, and many in the field are hopeful that projected increases in funding for global warming studies will afford the development of novel strategies to get information from Mrs. The correlation between the domestication of dogs and the end of the most recent ice age has been well established (for a review see: Aloin and Wister, 1999, “Dogs: Man’s Best Friends or Biological Engines of Destruction? No adjacent articles, nor any other articles in these journals, appear to have been affected (however, my cat has been missing for two days. Subsequent reports, while focusing on differing details of the Tipper Theory, nonetheless continue to confirm the basic findings of Leachy’s study. When Al Gore was questioned about his wife’s potential role in causing the effect that he has campaigned so vigorously to curtail, the recent Nobel Laureate replied, “Tipper was hot when I first met her, and though some may argue that she’s cooled down a bit over the years, I think she’s still pretty darn smokin’ for a gal of her demographic.” This constitutes one of the only times that Mr. Price about the underlying causes of this important potential Global Warming source. While there have been several attempts to link Tipper Gore’s explicit music lyrics activism in the early 1990’s to her global warming potential, none of these studies have yet found widespread support (for an example, see Fiste & Gluv, 2004, “Explicit Lyrics Debate Burns My Ass! Thus, peak oil year may be the turning point for mankind which may lead to the end of 100 year of easy growth, if self-sufficiently and sustainability of energy is not maintained on priority.

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Global warming in today’s scenario is threat to the survival of mankind.

Critics of pollution/industrial by-product origins for Global Warming most often cite two major alternative causes for the effect: 1) the sun; and 2) volcanoes.

A comprehensive examination of the scientific literature, however, reveals a number of less frequently cited alternative models for the origins of Global Warming. Edwina Price (582 West Paramus Street, Apartment 2D, Cleveland, Ohio).

After exploration and initial growth in output, production plateaus and eventually declines to zero.

Crude oil, coal and gas are the main resources for world energy supply.


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