Ghost World Essay

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The close and long-standing friendship she has enjoyed with Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) comes under strain, due to Rebecca’s ability to adapt to the world from which Enid feels so isolated.

Ghost World Essay

As he closes the door, the camera stays with the analyst just long enough to register her grimace of exasperation at the departing patient. She feels alienated from her father who is planning to remarry.Although the product of a one parent house, her bumbling father is sympathetically depicted and she is conceived of as the product of an obviously financially comfortable middle class background.Like Antonioni, Zwigoff refuses to allow material concerns to interfere with the concentration he fixes upon the psycho-spiritual malaise of his disorientated heroine.The deadpan awfulness of this vision is compounded by the subsequent appearance of three more pupils in an embarrassingly inept rap performance.The rigour of Zwigoff’s approach is such that the predictable structuring of a comedy that manipulates by alternating funny and touching scenes is avoided in favour of a consistent perception of the world in which both pain and the detachment of humour are omnipresent, the one gaining advantage over the other in any given scene simply due to how bearable or otherwise things feel at that particular moment.Upon observing his distress at the non-appearance of the woman and perhaps prompted by feelings of remorse, she begins stalking him.In the creation of Enid, this rebel in search of a cause, Zwigoff and Clowes are to be congratulated on resisting the temptation of extremes.(2001)’s freshness comes from its refusal to go any of these three ways.What director Terry Zwigoff and writer Daniel Clowes propose instead is a radically de-romanticised ambience of world-weariness against which the usually evoked forces of hormonal excess and delinquency pale and fade impotently into a list of dull, conformist attitudes which Enid (Thora Birch), much like the film itself, rejects as empty clichés.She and Rebecca are fascinated by and constantly torment Josh (Brad Renfro), an apparently sexless boy who stubbornly refuses to develop an interest in either of them.Enid’s curiosity is aroused by a strange couple she takes to be Satanists and an old man perpetually waiting for a bus at a bus stop, which has been out of service for two years.


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