Gender Stereotypes In Advertising Essay

Emphasize that identifying a stereotype does not mean you believe it’s true.More in-depth examinations of the history of gender stereotypes and how they can harm children are included in Peggy Orenstein's Cinderella Ate My Daughter and Dan Kindlon's Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys.Still Failing at Fairness, by David Sadker and Karen Zittleman, addresses the way that education pigeonholes children into gender roles, and includes concrete tips for teachers to create more equitable classrooms.So, for example, a stereotype would be that "Women are good at cleaning and cooking; Men are good at making things.” Note: If your students do not have much background knowledge with these terms, you can simply follow this step: Explain that you will be talking about gender and stereotypes. After a brief discussion, write student-friendly definitions on an easel pad or whiteboard. (Note: If students are confused about the meaning of the word stereotype, provide them with examples.“Stereotypes usually involve assuming that all members of a particular group have, or should have, a certain characteristic; for example, thinking that all tall people are good at basketball or that thin people do not eat enough.) 3.Divide students into two groups and explain that they will be talking about gender stereotypes—that is, generally accepted ideas about how boys and girls should act or be.It is important not to segregate the groups by gender.(Note: If your class is large, or if you think that the groups will be too big to effectively work together, you may want to create four groups and have two of each poster.) To help facilitate work you can assign one student in each group write responses or draw pictures to represent students’ ideas. Give one group the chart paper marked “Girl” and the other group the paper marked “Boy,” along with several markers. ” As the groups work, ask students to think about where these stereotypes come from.Challenge students to think of as many gender stereotypes as possible to write, or draw, inside each square. Explain that you will talk about this later in the lesson or series. After the students have had sufficient time to work on filling the squares, explain that now they should write or draw some ideas outside of their square.(Note: Student’s examples may focus on dress or taste, which is important and valid.However, try to direct their thinking to issues of personality and behavior expectations as well.) 6.


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