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In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare chooses to present Tablet as the obvious villain in the play.

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare chooses to present Tablet as the obvious villain in the play.This is shown by his violent antics and tendencies.For example, when he sees Romeo at the Capulet party, his first reaction is to get a weapon and confront Romeo in a violent manner; “Fetch me my rapier boy”.

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When we first meet Tybalt one of the first phrases that he says when confronted with the idea of peace is “Peace? Obviously, this quote paints Tybalt as a negative and violent character.

A character who dislike peace is often a cliché of a villain.

However this quote has to be analysed by asking the question of, not whether or not he is a villain but, instead, how much of a villain is he?

Shakespeare chooses to use the very strong word of “hate” which suggests to the audience that Tybalt is completely evil and doesn’t have a shred of goodness inside him.

Perhaps Shakespeare is trying to present the fact that unnecessary violence only leads to misery and bad faith.

Maybe, he is trying to show that many of the duels that people had during the time in which the play was written were useless.Arguably, Tybalt’s worst moment, in regards to him being portrayed as a villain, is when he stabs Mercutio under the arm of Romeo.He does this when Romeo comes in between him and Mercutio fighting trying to get them to stop.However, another view can be taken upon Tybalt’s violence.It could be argued that Tybalt is in the play to represent everything that the feud has caused and that he is not, in fact a villain but, is a result of an ancient rivalry.This is made evident by the fact that he chooses not to engage in any violence the first two times with Mercutio because he is there to fight with Romeo for showing up at the party.The only reason he fights Mercutio is because he is left with no choice.Perhaps Tybalt only fights so often because of the fact that he feels it is necessary to do so in order to keep the pride of his family from the feud.This would mean that Tybalt is not a villain but, is instead a hero in his own right and, for the Capulet’s.I think that it is important not to view Tybalt as a villain because it can actually distract the reader from what his actual purpose in the play is.If anything, I think that Tybalt can be regarded as a hero of the pay who's main purpose was to try and protect his own family honour.


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