Gardner Theory Of Multiple Intelligences Essay

The coming together of multiple intelligences theory and artistic education ismostly an accident, but I consider it to be a happy accident.Once I had put forth the notion that there exist several human intelligences, many educators embraced the idea that we should be sure to nurture each of these intelligences in school.However, we are the kind of species that can learn to carry on those activities that are valued by our culture.

The arts also provide uniquely individualistic insights into remote persons and cultures, even as they also allow one to be in closer touch with the thoughts and emotions of those around one, and indeed, with one's own mental life.

Finally--and here we come back to the idea behind multiple intelligences—the arts allow us to express what is important but cannot be captured in words—at least not in poetic words.

Contrary to what you may have heard, there is no part of the mind/brain that is dedicated specifically to the arts.

Indeed, I don't believe that our species evolved over thousands of years to be able to be able to participate in the arts, except for the obvious fact that most of us are able to carry a tune or draw a house or dance in time, more or less.

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Note that none of these is an artistic intelligence: as I said before, we did not evolve specifically to make or appreciate the arts.

Art is a human invention, and the disciplines required to carry out the arts were also devised over the centuries by gifted individuals, groups, and communities.

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