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Unlike the MW Scanner, it creates only a two-dimensional picture, so a traveler’s front and back must be x-rayed.

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Unfortunately, it is often conjugated with privacy violation and other similar issues.

The question is: are the regular methods of ensuring security truly necessary and unavoidable, and should governments change them?

Backscatter X-Ray Scanners This one is a bit confusing, and it doesn’t work in the same way traditional x-rays do (which go straight through an object).

Instead, it hits the surface of an object with x-ray photons (it’s a small dose, but they are carcinogenic); the radiation that is reflected back then produces an image of the object.

But the issue is that the incredibly small dosage they’ve quoted comes from averaging the amount of radiation travelers are exposed to throughout their body. Detractors say that this isn’t a big deal, because it’s still an incredibly low dose – according to the TSA, you’d have to go through a scanner “thousands and thousands of times a year to get to the point where it would even possibly reach the equivalent of one chest X-ray” (again, that’s according to the TSA.) Even if the amount of radiation small, that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

It’s like trying to assess how much secondhand smoke is safe.References “The Debate Over Airport Security.” Council on Foreign Relations. go wrong at 30,000 feet, worrying won’t really make it any better. To paraphrase the brilliant Morrissey, to die by my husband’s side, well, the privilege would be mine.And to compound matters, about 5% of the population are incredibly sensitive to radiation – increasing their chance of cell damage and cancers.There’s another issue, too: Women and men who are exposed to x-rays near the time of conception are more likely to have children who will later develop leukemia.Though airplane flights are considered to be among the safest ways of traveling, they are usually connected to a number of risks aggravated by the vulnerability of the aircraft and its passengers.And since one of the most serious threats (for air flights, in particular) today is terrorism, airports do their best to prevent all possible dangers on the ground.The scanner uses incredibly high frequency radio waves submitted from two antennae, which rotate around the body, passing through clothing, and rendering a 3-D image of the surface of a subject’s skin.Apparently the waves are not inherently carcinogenic, as opposed to x-rays, which are.However, is there any other reasonable alternative for preventing assaults on planes?An ultimate and final liquidation of world terrorism does not seem possible, therefore certain people will continue to be willing to cause moral and physical damage to other countries, be it the U. or any other nation (this is not to mention psychologically-demented people).


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