Forefathers Essay

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Moreover they had plenty of time to spend with their family, friend and relatives. In hot pursuit of materialism his relations have weakened because man is busy pursuing wealth and material comforts.

And so in this sense of protection, modern man is follow from inside.

Scientific devices have made life much easier than past times.

The quotation has two aspects, material as well as spiritual.

Meanwhile, smugglers, with the full connivance of the colonists, were getting rich at the expense of honest tax-paying citizens.

The recent French and Indian War had doubled Britain's national debt, but the Americans, who were the most immediate beneficiaries, were refusing to contribute their fair share.And he confronts us with the fact that an American triumph was anything but inevitable. If Britain's generals had been more enterprising, if the French had failed to supply vital military and financial assistance, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and the rest would be known to us not as political and philosophical giants but as reckless (and hanged) losers, supporting players in a single act of Britain's imperial drama.We would all be Canadians now, with lower prescription drug costs and an inordinate fondness for winter sports.Tuberculosis, malaria and plague etc are no more deadly diseases now.Life expectancy has increased and child mortality rate has significantly reduced.The revolutionaries complained about a lack of representation in Parliament, but in this they were no different from the majority of Englishmen.What was more, the God-given or nature-given rights they claimed for themselves included the right to hold Africans in bondage.THE founding fathers were paranoid hypocrites and ungrateful malcontents.What was their cherished Declaration of Independence but empty political posturing?To see that story through British eyes, as Stanley Weintraub's "Iron Tears: America's Battle for Freedom, Britain's Quagmire: 1775-1783" enables us to do, is to see an all-too-familiar tale reinvigorated.Weintraub reminds us that justice did not necessarily reside with the rebels, that the past can always be viewed from multiple perspectives.


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