Foot Binding Essay

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It began with the emperor Li Yu of the T ang Dynasty who, acting on his fetish for small feet, instructed his favorite concubine, Lovely Maiden, to bind her feet in silk cloth in order to make the tips of them look like a crescent moon.

She was then instructed to dance for him in front of a six-foot lotus constructed entirely from gold and decorated with pearls and precious stones.

Chinese Foot Binding Essay, Research Paper INTRODUCTION As I read the newspaper story, my eyes widen with every word, According to the National Institute of Mental Health there are over 5 million people in the United States suffering with eating disorders. However true this statement may be, in almost every society throughout history, women have been required to undergo major and often painful physical alterations in the name of beauty and social status.

1% of all North American teenagers have eating disorders. People struggling with anorexia are among those whose health are at great risk ( And then I see a picture of a young girl, nothing but bones and skin, looking wasted away. Perhaps one of the most agonizing beatifications in all of history is the Chinese tradition of foot binding.


You can actually visit parts of the world featured in this lesson: Scenes from China, 2015 – supplementary photos to enhance a sense of place.The fetish of one emperor spread to become a fetish of his whole dynasty.In 1644, the Manchurians tried to ban foot binding, but never were able to enforce it (Mo-ch n, 65).As with most other beautification processes, such as ear piercing or tattooing, Chinese foot binding has significant cultural and social implications.In addition, using modern technology, we can also see the physiological effects of foot binding.Still, foot binding persisted within traditional families residing in rural areas (Mo-ch n).The more China became developed, the more pressure the outside world exerted on them to ban the old fashioned custom (Mo-ch n).It would take about two years for the foot to reach its model of three inches.Often, a girl would unwrap her feet after a few days because of the enormous amount of pain and pressure against her foot.Perfuming of the feet and shoes was necessary to veil the gagging odor of rotten flesh.It wasn t uncommon for young girls to be beaten by their mothers for crying and wincing at the pain the bandages caused.


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