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At every one of Charlie’s phases of intelligence, he felt lonely in some way. From thinking that he had a perfect life to becoming a genius and losing everything he had.

Charlie wants ‘to be smart’ to escape being ‘lonely by yourself all the time” (Bruccoli).

At the pre-genius phase, Charlie did not feel lonely, but the other bakery workers, which were his bullies, thought he was.

Although Charlie’s intelligence revert back to an IQ of 68, Charlie became more wise and mature when on page 308, he told Gimpy not to get Klaus fired after he was bullied by him because it is right to give everyone a second chance.

Charlie has learned the true importance of friendship and through not wanting to feel lonely and have others feel the same, he became considerate.

Those who used to bully him became close to him just like when Gimpy said, “Charlie if anyone bothers you or trys to take advantage you call me or Joe or Frank and we will set him strait.

We all want you to remember that you got frends here and dont you ever forget it” (Keyes 209). Charlie’s varying degree of loneliness can be divided into three phases: the pre-genius, genius, and post-genius phases.The themes of alienation and loneliness played a big role in each one of Charlie’s phases of intelligence and affected his development to becoming a regular person.Charlie never actually had friends, but he thought he did.He also thought that all those times his co-workers were laughing; they were with him and not at him because he could not understand the mockery being made about him.He thought that he could break the communication barrier between himself and his co-workers, which would have a positive effect.Unfortunately, Charlie was oblivious to what was happening in the bakery and wrote, “Lots of pepul laff at me and their my frends and we have fun” (Keyes 20).Also, as Charlie got even smarter, he realized that it got more and more complicated to communicate with others as “I am just as far away from Alice with an I. During the post-genius phase, Charlie’s intelligence started reverting back to his original state. Not only has Charlie learned how to treat others, but so have Gimpy and the others at the bakery as Diane Telgen also found evident and then noted that “And in the final irony, when Charlie returns to his IQ of 68 and seeks his old job back, Joe and Frank, the men who had persecuted him before, defend his against an attack from a new worker. When Charlie reverted back to his original self, he made real friends. I just want to be smart like other pepul so I can have lots of frends who like me” (Keyes 13).Charlie wanted to become smart just like the workers at Donner’s bakery.


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