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Given that a brief scrutiny of our current social formation does not support this view, we might, however, imagine that a post-feminist position is one formulated due to dissatisfaction with existing feminist politics and is to be located in an entirely new area or set of propositions altogether.Part of this dissatisfaction might be an awareness that even in its heyday, second wave feminism did not achieve its aim of speaking to the majority of women.She was also not supposed to work or do anything that would affect her emotions.

Feminist criticism is the way through which literature has been used to reinforce or undermine the role played by women in the society.

This includes the role of women in social, political and economical activities of the society.

The two stories that have been discussed above show the pain and suffering that women go through in the marriages that they are in.

die to this fact, their joy, happiness and attitudes tend to change.

This is because it is not easy for anyone to hear and accept the news of the death of someone they loved, especially a spouse one has spent many years living together.

That is why her sister, while breaking the news down to her, used broken sentences and veiled hints that revealed the theme of the message but not its real content.

As a result, their rights, opinions, choice and ideologies have always not been taken seriously.

Due to this, women have started to use literature as a means of expressing their grievances, desires and needs.

Thus, women have used literature to express their feelings and emotions that have been neglected by the society that is dominated by men Berkove, Lawrence L.

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