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My Mom recalled an example from way back when my twin brother and I were in preschool. My brother didn’t really talk in sentences yet, just a couple words here and there.

I believe doing so obviously helps those with the disability, is a good learning experience for them and you and benefits humanity. says autism runs in families and siblings of autistic people are more likely to be autistic. Institute, University of California, children with autism have a larger amygdala, a part of the brain, then non-autistic children.

Most researchers believe autism comes from a combination of several genetic differences. But, nobody is really sure what causes autism or what cures it.

Image Source With the increasing number of children being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), innovative research is essential.

Because ASD is becoming more and more prevalent, research has increased in recent years, but there is still much to learn about this disorder.

Of course there was lots of other stuff to look at, but that little detail was what he noticed and commented on.

After hearing that story, I began to wonder what people with autism notice that others never do.Autistic people and people with other kinds of challenges in general, deserve to be respected, cared about, accommodated and accepted, just like any other human being. By adding autism and other disabilities as a unit in middle schools, hopefully people will be more understanding of peers with unique challenges.Doing so will benefit the students with special needs, you/the learning students and humanity.I asked my Mom why being open towards autistic people might be good for you.She said over the years she has gained A LOT of patience from working with my brothers.Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the big time or being a titan of industry … So here are five success stories of individuals with ASD – a couple you’ll recognize from the headlines, others you probably won’t.But one thing for sure is that they’re all recognized for a lot more than just their disability.According to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and The M. The best thing you can do is be accepting of them, whether that’s simply smiling in the hallway or not laughing when they act different than you.Many kids don’t have a clue about what autism is and they might change their behavior towards their autistic peers if they did. When others make fun of them, would they want to participate during class?Everybody in the ABA community has heard that Jerry Seinfeld sometimes says he thinks he might have Aspergers … and TMZ won’t let you forget that American Idol finalist James Durbin is on the spectrum…and there’s even no shortage of speculation about great historical scientific personages like Einstein, Newton and Tesla.


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