Failure Is The Mother Of Success Essay

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Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb, was told that he was too stupid to learn anything.

Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter novels, was rejected by a dozen publishers.

Beethoven’s teachers said he was hopeless, and he composed four of his greatest works when he was completely deaf, and Oprah came from poverty (Nick Horton).

There has been an innumerable amount of celebrities that failed before they became successful.

And sometimes only 60 minutes of concentration a day can bring the best results.

Have these statements in mind next time you try to do something.And thus we need to learn how to fail before we learn how to succeed.Giving up is what stopped many people from becoming more, from achieving greatness and changing the world.Create it in your mind first, reach success there before you actually do it.And then, after putting in enough effort, after dedicating time and energy, you will start seeing results.“Only one-third of adolescent mothers will graduate high school, and only slightly over one percent of those will earn a college degree before they turn thirty” (Teen Pregnancy Statistics).Despite the statistics, both girls graduated with their classes and finished college by the age of twenty-two.Imagine what the world would be like if every one of them just gave up on his ideas to try something new, to change the world and help people. Failure must be understood perfectly in order for us to be successful and follow our dreams.So let’s analyze Thomas Edison’s way of thinking by taking a look at his words. He finds its positive side and realizes that it is something as normal as success.Despite what others may think, failure leads to success in today’s society because it pushes someone to work harder to prove to others that he/she can succeed and because it teaches people a lot about themselves.Failure pushes someone to work harder to prove to other people that he/she can succeed. Kayla and Courtney both got pregnant in high school and a lot of people told them that they would never amount to anything.


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