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The experiences of the speaker during the war, which has been subjected to a critical analysis for a long time, and after the war, can be construed as the challenges that the poet himself had to overcome.In the poem, Komunyakaa attempts to reveal that while some things seem to fade away and disappear, they get connected to other things that give them a true and deeper meaning.

He is too involved with the past that comes flooding back when he is inside the memorial.

He has doubts raised over his identity when he sees his reflection on the war memorial, which keep on appearing and disappearing depending on the 'light'.

He is reminded that, as much as he can try to ignore or mask his emotions he was going to fall prey to them.

There is a conflict and internal struggle depicted that the speaker has to face due to the resurfacing of past experiences.

Brushstrokes flash, a red bird's wings cutting across my stare. Soon, he drifts back to what he thinks are his days on the field, but soon realizes that he is remembering motherly affection.

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The speaker is very sure of his identity, but later on, he thinks of it as a facade over which a few questions are raised as soon as he reaches the memorial.

Metaphor and visual imagery are heavily relied on literary devices in 'Facing It', by Yusef Komunyakaa.

The theme of this poem, through the speaker, gives us a peek into one of the most difficult phases a person can face in a lifetime.

Regardless of the efforts we make to put them away, they keep coming back from time to time when the memory is awakened.

It is thus Komunyakaa’s visit to the Lin’s memorial a year earlier than the poem was written and that deeply shaped his experience in relation to the war.


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