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Moreover, over half of these users log on to the site each day as they interact with various applications.Furthermore, an average user connects with his/her friends via the various applications such groups, events and community pages and most active users have access to an average of 80 such pages.

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Initially, the then called ‘thefacebook.com’ integrated several social networking applications that enabled its users to add friends, comment on friends’ profiles, and send messages, update own profile status among other myriad social connectedness functions (Carlson, 2010).

Despite numerous hurdles along the way, Facebook has been positively embraced across the world, thus increasing its usage and popularity.

With the advent of Facebook and other social networking sites, the world is becoming smaller as people across different cultures, borders, genders and customs share and exchange materials online (Carlson, 2010).

According to Facebook (2011), the site is visited by over 800million active users with an average of 130 friends per user.

The author underscores that, Facebook photo applications have facilitated Facebook popularity whereby users can upload and share an unlimited number of photos.

Contrastingly, Facebook has also overgrown its initial social networking idea to encompass other diverse roles.However, following some technical and operational advancement the site was expanded to other colleges in the region and it was just a matter of time before it was made available to everyone.By 2006, nothing could stop Facebook from becoming a global phenomenon, when it started accepting membership to all and sundry as long as one was over 13 years and had a valid email address.History has shown that whenever great masses of people come together crime is inevitable.As aforementioned, Facebook membership has been increasing each day and with its ability to surpass language, cultural and physical barriers, the site has managed to bring a multitude of people together.Zuckerberg conceived the idea of a social networking site during his undergraduate years at Harvard University (Carlson, 2010).).Motivated by idea of enabling students within his campus to get to know each other, assisted by his college mates, Zuckerberg founded Facebook, which was initially restricted to Harvard College.However, Facebook has received most attention from over 500 million users worldwide; it has become the norm than rather the exception across the world population.As internet technologies continue to advance, Facebook and other social media sites bring even a bigger impact on society.Furthermore, one is compelled to question whether the social ties created via Facebook are genuine.The fact that Facebook popularity has escalated with unparalleled intensity is not questionable, however, the big query remains about its contribution to cyber crime.


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